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Important information for members

How To Get Here

The street address of the Holiday Inn Centreville is 999 St Urbain, but saying "the one in Chinatown with the pagodas on the top" should work just fine.

From the Train Station: wind your way through the mall from the Amtrak station to Bonaventure metro. At the orange ticket machine buy either a ticket or a three day pass, depending how much travel you think you're going to do. The pass works on all metros and buses. You don't need an Opus card for this, the machine will give you an "Occasionelle" disposable pass. (If you have an Opus, you can use it. But if you have an Opus, you already understand how this works.) Then go in the direction of Montmorency, two stops, to Place d'Armes. Go out of the metro onto the street (there are two exits, to the Palais and to Place d'Armes, you want the latter) go past the construction immediately outside the metro and the Holiday Inn is right there. (You can also, if you don't have much stuff and you like walking, walk along René Lévesque from the station. It's a couple of kilometres.)

From the Airport: A taxi from the airport will cost a fixed rate of $40 plus tip. The 747 bus costs $11, which includes a 24 hour pass. You have to buy the pass at the orange ticket machine in the airport, not on the bus. There is a bus every 10 minutes. The bus runs along the highway to metro Lionel Groulx (modulo roadworks, which there have been a lot of recently) and then along Rene Levesque through town. Stay on it to the intersection of Rene Levesque and St Urbain, then walk downhill one long block to the Holiday Inn. Or you can get off the bus at Lionel Groulx and take the orange line in direction Montmorency to Place d'Armes. This may be quicker, but either will work.

Driving: You can park at the Holiday Inn, but it costs something. There is also a parking garage under in the mall at 1111 St Urbain where Maison Kam Fung is. I don't think there's any free street parking anywhere close. If you want to park here and take the metro back, that's certainly an option.

Once you are in the Holiday Inn: Hotel reception is on 2, and so is the Koi Pool where we're meeting for expeditions as explained on the previous rock. The Reading Room and the Games Room are also on 2. The Big Room, and the mixing space outside it where Registration and the Argo Book Table will be, are on floor 3. There are stairs up from the Koi Pond to 3 which lead directly to Registration, and also there is an elevator. We intend to have signs on 3 pointing the way from the elevator to Registration and the Big Room. We also hope the con suite will be on 3. The number of the room that is the con suite will be at Registration. Registration will be open from 15:00 (3pm) or maybe earlier.

LARPs -- we still have spaces in our Live Action Role Plays. These are theatre style LARPs. A theatre larp is essentially a play without a script or an audience. Before the game, you'll get a description of the game world and the current situation, and a character sheet, which will tell you about your character's history, psychology, goals, and relationships to other characters. You'll spend the game roleplaying as that character, doing and saying what you think that character would do and say, trying to advance their goals and enjoy inhabiting their perspective. The setup is intended to make it easy and natural to tell a good story: the characters are written to have interesting interactions with each other, and the game world and rules are set up to put them in interesting situations. There's no running around, and this can be a very fun and intense experience. Warren and Kristen have run a lot of LARPs and these should be great. Don't be afraid to give it a go it's great. You need to sign up in advance to get your character and have time to think about them. Check the Kickstarter updates for how to sign up.

Looking forward to seeing you soon: And that's it, I think, the badges are printed, the programme book is ready to print, the cakes and balloons are ordered, the sound equipment is borrowed (thanks Boréal!) the books are put in boxes, it's really going to happen, you'll be here a week today! I'm so excited!

Last minute info

For those who arrive on Thursday or relatively early on Friday, we have some expeditions organized! If you're going to be here and you're definitely decided about which you'd like to join, let us know in comments so we have an idea how many people.

Dim Sum, 11:00, Maison Kam Fung, 1111 St Urbain. (From the hotel go grid north -- uphill -- on St Urbain, and go into the big mall building at 1111. Go up to the mezzanine, either 1 escalator or the elevator to M, and then back to Kam Fung. There are signs.) Find other people. Form big tables. Share delicious food from carts. I will try to be there early and look out for stray Scintillation people. Dim Sum at Kam Fung usually costs $15-20 per person. It's possible but not very good for vegetarians. Meet there, 11:00.

Tea Tasting with Jon Singer. Jon will lead you to Camellia Sinensis and back afterwards. You've signed up already, if you haven't paid yet, consult email and do that now. Leave from the koi pond at 13:00. Tasting starts at 13:30 and you should be back by 15:00.

Musée des Beaux Arts with Emmet O'Brien. A delightful little museum with some great European art, some great Inuit art, and some work by the Group of Seven. Museum entrance costs $12, metro there and back would be $5, and there will be a stop afterwards at the Juliette et Chocolat cafe near the museum for delicious chocolate treats. Should be back by 17:00. Leave at 13:15 from Koi Pond.

Cycling tour with Alison Sinclair. Montreal has bixis, bikes that can be ridden between stations for free. Alison will take people along the canal to Atwater, and up into the Plateau, one of Montreal's most scenic neighbourhoods. This should be free (except for potential stops for snacks) but it depends on people's enthusiasm for uphill cycling. Starting from the koi pond at 13:30, should be back by 17:00.

Marché Jean Talon with Jo Walton. A metro ride to Montreal's biggest and most fun outdoor market. The metro will cost $5, plus anything you buy in the market. Leave from the koi pond at 14:00, should be back by 17:00.

Old Port tour with Matthew Surridge. Walk around the Old Port, Place D'Armes, City Hall, the Chateau Ramezay, and so forth, see the oldest and most interesting part of Montreal. Leave from the koi pond at 15:00, should be back by 17:00.

Botanical Gardens, including Lantern Festival, with Jean Aselin. Don't forget you have to book online for the lanterns. (See previous update for details.) Prices at link, plus $5 for metro. Leave from the koi pond at 16:00 should be back by 20:00, note, you will miss the beginning of program if you go on this expedition.

Registration will be open Friday 15:00-21:00 upstairs in front of the Big Room. It will also be open Saturday morning. Anyone arriving later than that can pick up their badge in the con suite. We need volunteers to work at Registration, please comment or email if you'd be prepared to help!

Book Table. Argo Bookstore will be providing a book table at Scintillation, with books for sale. They will be open 15:00-21:00 on Friday, 10:00-19:00 on Saturday, and 10:00-15:00 on Sunday. They will have stock, and can also take advance orders and bring books to the con -- see the Slack for details.