Programme as of September 6th, 2018

Friday, October 5th
The Big Room Reading Room The Gaming Room
18:00 A Good Read Open gaming
19:00 Return of the Robot Jo Walton: reading
20:00 Time Travel and Teens Jon Singer and Teresa Nielsen Hayden discuss Medieval Recipes LARP: Inheritance
21:00 Ask a Scientist! Reading room open for music, all welcome
Saturday, October 6th
The Big Room Reading Room The Gaming Room
10:00 Good and Evil One Hundred Years of Dead Magicians, or, a History of Modern Stage Magic as Seen Through Bad Things Happening to Good Magicians: James Macdonald James Cambias RPG and Open gaming
11:00 The Future of English Marissa Lingen and Tim Boerger: Reading Open gaming
12:00 The Scintillation Collection Ada Palmer: Reading
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Why you should be reading John M. Ford The role of language and linguistics in science fiction and fantasy: Tamara Vardomskaya LARP: LYBER
15:00 Being a Gatekeeper Maya Chaabra: reading
15:30 Eugene Fischer: reading
16:00 You Write Funny A.E. Prevost: reading
16:30 Yves Meynard: reading
17:00 What Makes the Steerswoman so Great? Fran Wilde and Max Gladstone: reading Open gaming
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Writing a series Premee Mohamed and Kate Heartfield: Gothics reading
20:00 Reclaiming Cthulhu Jim Cambias: reading
20:30 Alison Sinclair: reading
21:00 So what’s a short story anyway? Lila Garrott: reading
21:30 Greer Gilman: reading

Special event: Sassafrass concert

19:00 - 20:30, in the Dahlia room followed by the Saturday evening reception

Sunday, October 7th
The Big Room Reading Room The Gaming Room
10:00 Names and Characters Joy of Reading Open gaming
11:00 Our real influences and why we lie Emmet O’Brien interviews Jon Singer
12:00 What Kind of Art Are Games? Readings from Ursula K. Le Guin
13:00 Lunch
14:00 What Can We Learn From Shakespeare Kari Maaren: reading
14:30 Sherwood Smith: reading
15:00 Linguistic Worldbuilding Rosemary Kirstein: reading
15:30 Ruthanna Emrys: reading
16:00 Where are the books like Pandemic? David Levine: reading
16:00 Debra Doyle: reading
16:00 Imagining the Future Alter Reiss: Archaeological show and tell